What’s Wrong With The Star Trek Universe

I have had throughout my life a difficult and complicated relationship with Star Trek.  As a little boy I was captivated by the exploits and adventures of Captain James T. Kirk, but as a teenager I carried ambivalence towards Star Trek The Next Generation.

I never even really liked it’s name.

And don’t get me started on the lopsided goofy top heavy looking Enterprise D, in which things were just as bad on the inside.

It looked like our “heroes” were flying a hotel lobby.

I don’t know.  I mean, I watched it.  And I got into it. Sort of. For a time.  Recently I cleared out a basement full of VHS tapes that contained what seemed like thousands of Trek episodes.

It was hard to believe that there was a time that they meant anything at all to me.

I’ve always said that The Original Star Trek, the one with Shatner and Nimoy, was like Jazz.  It was “beatnik and hippie and intellectual and cool” baby.

Next Generation and everything that came after it was Muzak.


startrek meme


Here’s a video by the mad geniuses over at Cracked.com that pretty much sums it up;


By Your Command

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