We Are All Cylons – Documentary Connects With Galactica Fans

Film maker Ilana Rein explores the deep emotional and intellectual connection to the show that fans and actors alike experience.   Through interviews with cast members and fans, the film explores the areas where science fiction meets reality. The film also explores our relationship to technology, identity slippage and where devotion meets insanity!

Rein made Cylons because she was “profoundly disturbed by how obsessed I had become with the show.”

Ahh another mentally disturbed cylon!

Well Redeye Rogue has seen the film and can tell you that if you are a fan of Battlestar then you owe it to yourself to watch this documentary now!

You can order a copy here




If you haven’t seen BSG in it’s entirety then don’t watch the trailer. It gives a lot away.

Rein is putting the finishing touches on her latest science fiction short “Ellipse” which will be hitting the festival circuit soon. Watch for it.


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