Walking Dead Season Two Deleted Scenes Hit The Web – Fans Hungry For More… BRAINS!

By now, it’s no secret that Season two of The Walking Dead was supposed to start off with a bang. Although shot, the scenes were jettisoned leaving us with the season opener that we have now. But RedEye Rogue has snagged footage leaked by one of our moles at AMC. According to our insider, the network thought that it could exponentially increase ratings by combining two of its top shows into one.

Okay, that was rude of us. Of course that’s really the fantastic mash-up “Walking Dead Mad Men” created by Todd Womack, Mark Douglas, Bryan Olsen and Directed by Tom Small. What makes it so amazing is how it totally “gets” both shows – spot on.  Eric Limer, writing for Geekosystem.com said,  “I don’t watch the Walking Dead myself, but I’m an avid fan of Mad Men and I can tell you that that alone is reason enough to give this a watch. I can’t say for sure whether it works the other way… the Mad Men ones are delightfully (if you’re familiar with the franchise) smart, spot on, and specific.”

Well Eric, as fans of The Walking Dead, we can reassure you that the parody does just as much justice of Walking Dead as it does Mad Men. Just the bit with Laura, Rick and Herschel talking about Carl gone missing is worth it for anyone who watches the show, and the actor playing Rick has it down.

Now that you’ve been good boys and girls through all that, here’s the REAL deleted scene from season 2 of The Walking Dead:



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