Walking Dead Little Girl Zombie Sighted In Connecticut – Citizens Warned

The citizens of Connecticut have been warned! Zombie Charge  – a 5k Obstacle Course – is planned for September 7th! Addy Miller – the very FIRST (and perhaps MOST controversial) walker to ever appear on The Walking Dead – will make an appearance at the race!  Ms. Miller will  be the starter for the first wave and will be there to sign autographs.



Addy’s appearance is being organized by one who calls himself ZombieLeader, and  he is donating 20 percent of the profits to Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and/or Camp Royal Autism Summer Camp and he is sponsoring Addy Miller’s participation.

“It’s a 5K race…capture the flag chased by zombies.  It is Zombie Charge’s first event ever.  They are running it like a movie set.”

Autism is a reality that hits close to home for Ms. Miller as her brother has autism.  The first walker to be killed by Rick Grimes, she has just wrapped up filming on her new feature “Red Rose”.

For those looking for more information on the race checkout the official website at http://www.zombiecharge.com/events

also for more info check out

@zombieleader1, www.facebook.com/zombieleader, www.zombieleader.com

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