Video: Lil Frakkin’ Toasters – The Motion Picture!

Turns out that the man behind the Little Frakkin’ Colonials figurine is Dustin Adair, a professional character animator who actually did create the cylon centurion animations for tv’s Battlestar Galactica before he went off to make his own Battlestar movie ““We Were Centurions” Check it out below and let us know what you think!

The plucky little centurions in Adair’s short, inspired the figurine, which like it’s sister – Lil Frakkin’ Colonial Starbuck– quickly sold out, as only 1000 of each was made. Be sure to visit Dustin’s website and watch his rockin video portfolio and the DIRECTOR’S CUT of “We Were Centurions.” And let me know which ‘cut’ you liked better.

No He's NOT flippin' you off!

Wait.. is he...?

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