TRUCCOCON! The Regrets of A Cylon Handler – (I Shoulda Left My Camera At Home)

A week after Houston’s grand slam Galacticon 3 and we are still having trouble reintegrating our brains into real life.  I’ve been going over and over photos and other people’s blogs and journal entries about the convention and all I can say

I suck.

I failed my troops.  You sent me to Galacticon and I froze.

Oh I had my opportunities.  My close encounters.

Trust me, you haven’t lived until you’ve heard Michael Hogan bellow “It looked like a hardboiled EGG!” in person, and it was wonderful meeting Kandyse Mcclure, Leah Cairns,  Bodie Olmos, Tamoh Penikett and Nicki Clyne.

I’ve already written about my lowest moment, but I failed to mention my highest moment.

For some strange reason I was asked to sit and assist Michael Trucco at his booth for a couple of hours.  It was my job to collect money from fans who paid for autographs and pictures.  I was also tasked with taking the pictures of him with the fans.


“Okay, one more time…it’s just POINT and SHOOT.”

Suffice to say it was a surreal experience.

But it got even more intense when Michael leaned over, in a conspiring tone and whispered, “You wanna slip out for a smoke?”

Did I wanna slip out for a smoke?

“Hey Hogan” Trucco called out.

The next thing I know I am being led back stage, down a dark hallway, to a back alley behind the convention center with a small group consisting of Michael Hogan, Michael Trucco and yours truly.

Hogan offered me and Trucco cigarettes.  “They’re American Spirits,” he said.

“They burn longer,”

I hadn’t eaten a thing that day and I immediately felt the kick of the cigarette as I drew on it.

I fought off passing out as I shared a smoke with Michael Hogan and Michael Trucco.

But did I get a picture?



Did I get an official interview?



Because I was too busy pissing my pants.


By your command.




2 comments for “TRUCCOCON! The Regrets of A Cylon Handler – (I Shoulda Left My Camera At Home)

  1. Michelle McCammon
    June 5, 2013 at 3:03 PM

    Truccocon! I was an incoherent fool who barely escaped incontinence, too. So much so I even forgot to throw my money at him for the photo op.

  2. Andria
    June 10, 2013 at 12:23 PM

    He shared the bagel toaster. hehehehe.

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