The Top 10, Top 10 Battlestar Galactica Lists

Some may accuse RedEyeRogue of going soft as of late, while others say that the site has become hardened and jaded. RedEye Rogue makes no case one way or the other in regards to a perceived drop in journalistic quality. In fact we have seen our readership nearly double in the last six months.
Or something.
Did we mention that we were interviewed by

Okay, that was awhile ago.

Some people mostly friends and family members who don’t actually go to, ask me why I base the site on Battlestar Galactica.  This always confuses me because anyone who has ever spent any time at RedEyeRogue will immediately recognize the influence of the works of Bob Guicione.

May his soul rest in peace.

Fact is, alot of people are discovering Battlestar for the first time, and are coming at it with fresh eyes.  I’ve also been surprised to discover that many of my peers in the industry are re-watching the series, some for their third time.

I tried to come up with another top ten list on why we need more Battlestar, when I came across  a bunch of top ten lists for the series.

Warning you now that the lists themselves contain spoilers.

10. The David Lettermen Battlestar Galactica Top Ten List

9. The 10 Most Disturbing Episodes of Battlestar Galactica

8. The 10 Happiest Moments in Battlestar Galactica

7. The Top 10 WTF moments in Battlestar Galactica

6. The Top 10 Things you Need to Know about Battlestar Galactica before you watch the Finale (Daybreak) 

5. Top 10 Episodes of Battlestar Galactica @ ButWhatSheSaid 

4. My Favorite Episodes @ What’sAlanWatching

3. Classic Galactica (the old show) top ten lists

2. Top Ten Reasons I love Battlestar Galactica @

1. The Ten Best Battlestar Galactica Moments @

battlestar-galactica-grace-park-tricia-helfer-model-for-maxim By their command…

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