The Four Rules to Make Star Wars Great Again

There have been many pleas to George Lucas to fix Star Wars – to fix what he in fact broke – but never has there been such a beautifully conceived open letter to The Makers as this.

Prescott Harvey, with the creative agency Sincerely, Truman, have crafted this absolutely stunning video. And when we say stunning we mean it.

The vid is a plea to JJ Abrams to bring the Star Wars back to Star Wars, and it does so brilliantly, beautifully and with great humor. All in two minutes.

Harvey was a production assistant on J.J. Abrams’ directorial debut, Mission Impossible III, where he had a single conversation with Abrams in which Harvey recommended some games for the Xbox 360. “He probably doesn’t remember that, but he might remember the PA who got an earpiece stuck in his ear and had to go the hospital,” says Harvey.

Harvey explains the genesis of his idea;

“Like so many people, I’ve spent most of my recent years wondering why the original Star Wars trilogy was so awesome, and the new movies were so terrible. What are the factors that make Star Wars, Star Wars? I took an empirical approach, determining what elements were in the original movies that differed from the prequels. My first major epiphany was that, in the originals, the characters are always outside somewhere very remote. The environment and the wildlife are as much a threat as the empire. All three movies had this bushwacky, exploratory feel. Contrast that with the prequels, where the characters are often in cities, or in the galactic senate. In order for Star Wars to feel like a true adventure, the setting has to be the frontier, and this became my first rule. After that I started brainstorming with friends, and reading online opinions. Gradually a script took shape.”

The video took five months to create and it shows.

This is some serious art here folks.

Of course the question is will Abrams even see the video?  The producers of the vid created a petition, over at, which you can sign, and they’re committed to hand-delivering the signed petition and video to the Disney offices in Burbank.

Watch the vid.

Sign the petition.

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