The Beautiful Mess of Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch reminded me of Moulin Rouge and Scott Pilgrim.  It was a musical for gamers and geeks.  Yes the movie was a mess, but it was one beautiful mess.

I know that to escape the soul crushing boredom of my job I, like Baby Doll, retreat into a fantasy world.  I do not, as Baby Doll did, begin to erotically sway my hips and go into a trance, but i do imagine my workplace as something quite different than it actually is.

All the world's a stage, Babydoll

Ah, bringing down those demons and dragons, capturing that fire, grasping for the map and the key.

To be managed is to be controlled, and nobody wants to be controlled.  So, like Babydoll, we dance our way into our fantasies. We retreat. We collapse. We fall into what we are “Hoping” for, or “fighting” for.

Fantasies of Escape.

Poor Babydoll…


By Your Command…

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