Television’s Greatest Moment of 2013

It’s tough to weigh in on such, well, weighty matters, but RedEye Rogue must remain true to its readership – all two of you (hi mom!) and so we must once again vote on the Greatest Television Moment of 2013.

The nominees were;

Breaking Bad – Walt’s confession

Game of Thrones  – The Red Wedding

Walking Dead – The Walking Dead’s Red Wedding

Seeing as this is not a democracy – we don’t go in for any of that pussy – ass voting ’round here – we went ahead and chose the moment ourself.

Jeremy Jahns summed it up, but he spoiled the frak out of it, so we put our editors hard to work on a spoiler free RedEye Rogue approved edition for our less fortunate readers who may not be caught up with Game of Thrones yet.


And here’s a fascinating round table on the episode LOADED WITH SPOILERS;

If you haven’t watched Game of Thrones yet do you, and your ancestors proud and seek it out. You wont be disappointed.

And here’s that song you’ve been hearing all season…

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