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Perhaps I am being overly sentimental here.  As  you know, the editors at RedEyeRogue have been avid supporters of the recently cancelled show Caprica. Upon watching the final five episodes this past week we feel it is time to lay the show to rest, give it a proper burial and move on.  The show was tied up beautifully and mysteriously and better than we could have hoped for considering that it was rudely yanked from our grasp before it had time to breathe.

As a small child, what drew me to science fiction were the space ships, the technology, the spectacle of machines carrying men through adventures in space and beyond.

Caprica had none of that, and yet it was gearing up to become one of the best science fiction shows there ever was.  As an adult, the small boy in me loved that.

Ron Moore knows how to reach both in me. That’s why DeepSpace 9 was so superior to Next Generation, (for the most part).

Oh well. Here’s to you Ronnie – baby.

Now when are you gonna give us that Space:1999 remake? Seriously.

maya space 1999

As a final tribute to the show – a salute as we lay her to rest – I thought I would feature this nicely put together, short, fan video made by Trekscaper and posted over at Youtube. And before you runaway fleeing from yet another ‘fanfilm’, let me reassure you, it’s one of the better ones.

(It takes a few seconds for the video to load so give it a moment).

By your command…

The Real Reason for Caprica’s Cancellation

RedEyeRogue has done it again and scooped everyone else! Although the SyFy Channel in it’s glorious wisdom has decided NOT to air the final five episodes of Caprica (as if cancelling the popular show is not insulting enough) we got our hands on what would have been the next episode! So sit back, relax and watch in awe and wonder!

Well, we gotta admit, after watching that, there was something awfully familiar about all those tropes and references. Ron, Ron, Ron. No wonder you got yourself cancelled. Shame on you for mining every science fiction show and movie to come before!

In all actuality that was a cute little video done for G4 networks “Attack of The Show” (in case you haven’t already guessed) and the real reason for Caprica’s demise is…well… one can only speculate, because it is certainly NOT for the official reasons that the p.r. hacks at the network are giving.

The Caprica Times has an excellent article detailing the abuses the network has heaped on the show – I’ll just let you read it there if you’re so inclined, because frankly all those facts and figures make our brains go kerplunk here at the RedEyeRogue press room.

Here’s a few tidbits from the article;

  • Caprica averaged 1.084 million viewers before cancellation in it’s first season. Shows with lower ratings in their first season that were renewed: Mad Men.9 million. Spartacus: Blood & Sand.98 million. Syfy’s own Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files1.037 million at half season.
  • Syfy’s Press Release calls Season 1.0 successful in the second paragraph.
  • Caprica has 104,800 facebook fans. This is 60% of Syfy’s 175,500 fans. The Nielson numbers used to determine ratings in 2011 will measure viewing habits of 37,000 of 115,900,000 households. That equates to .0319% of total viewers – leaving 99.9681% of viewers with no influence on ratings. Many of those who watch don’t count.

RedEyeRogue can only draw one  conclusion; someone at the network, very high up in the programing department, simply did not like the show and wanted it killed. Don’t forget that networks are run by people (hard to believe, but yes, they are people) with their own likes and dislikes, and it’s fair to say that some of these decision makers have their own biases against, and for, certain shows.  Say what you will about Bonnie Hammer, but had it not been for her support, there never would have been a second season of Galactica.  Certain shows in the past – such as Joss Whedon’s excellent Firefly, and Scott Gimple’s killer Saturday morning cartoon “Fillmore” were in fact the victims of personal vendetta’s by studio execs carried out upon show-runners.

No, I can’t back up the claim that Caprica was a victim of this sort of practice, but when you examine the facts it certainly does reek of unfair bias.

By Your command…

Caprica Cancelled – R.I.P.

It’s official. Caprica is dead and SyFy is pulling the plug on the final five episodes of the season as well – yanking them from the tuesday night lineup to be broadcast at a “to be determined date sometime in the first quarter of 2011”.

I have only one thing to say to this abomination of a network;


Frak you and your little Mansquito!

Caprica! The Musical

Well I must admit. I am confused and bitter as to the direction that Caprica has taken. I, like many viewers, am shocked and betrayed to discover that the promise of a bold new musical has been instead swapped out for terse, understated, emotionally driven human drama. Where are the flashy dance numbers? The glamorous songs and the glitzy costumes? Not to mention not a laser blast in sight!  Oh sure, we were teased with the promise of a musical number when “Mysteries” showed up, but his appearance was all too brief (and devoid of a true song and dance number).

After this press release from SyFy, I, like many other cylons, was expecting something far different:

Fame hungry Tinnie Heart dreams of a life on the Caprican stage, and spends her nights jazzing it up in the bright lights of Caprica City, continually hoping that she’ll find her lucky break, and be shot into pre-Cylon War stardom. Fleeing the tyranny of her boring husband Amos, and in awe of seductive club singer Number Six (who is subsequantly arrested for the murder of her husband and sister – after discovering their affair), Tinnie meets Gaius Baltar, a man who convinces her he can ‘make her showbiz career take off’. However after Tinnie has undergone the ‘casting couch’ treatment, and Gaius has had his wicked way with her, he reveals that he has no more connections in showbusiness than she does. This is the final straw for Tinnie, and her constant anger at rejection explodes. She shoots Gaius Baltar and kills him. Upon discovering her infidelity, TInnie’s husband Amos refuses to take the blame for the murder and Tinnie is sent to jail, pending “boxing”. In jail she finally meets tabloid darling Number Six, currently receiving huge media attention for the double murder she committed earlier in the tale. Sharing the clink with Six, are a collection of other sly cylon females, all awaiting trial for the murders of their own partners. Six is aloof to Tinnie, however the prison Warden Mrs Morton offers Tinnie the opportunity of representation by slick Caprica lawyer Joseph Adama. Joseph is more a showbiz/mafia P. R agent than a legal lawyer and minipulates the tabloids into thinking Tinnie is no more than an innocent ‘good time cylon’ who took the wrong path, than a scheming murderess. The tabloids go crazy for the new girl on the cell block, and Tinnie finally becomes a star. However due to Tinnie’s new found fame, Six is forgotten about. She is forced to approach Tinnie with an offer of a part in her New Cap City act (filling the gap left by her murdered sister), but Tinnie turns down her offer flat, thinking she needs no support in topping the bill. However, just as Six’s star fell, so does Tinnie’s, when Go-to-hell Daggit arrives at the jail on a multiple murder charge. The press forget Tinnie and now she and Six are in the same boat. With one more trick up her sleave TInnie manages to bring the media attention back onto her, and her day in court arrives. Adama is now ready to play the ultimate showman!

What happened Syfy? Where is the vision? Where is the promise of ‘exciting dance numbers’ and Caprican showmanship? The comic routines? The laser guns?

Seriously, this viewer is going to give this show one – maybe two – more seasons to shape up.

After that I’m going back to “Glee”.

By your command.