Sweet Serenity

Last night I had a dream that I was flying.  Not flying a plane or on the back of a giant bird, but flying a spaceship.

I think part of our fascination with spaceships is that they take us to faraway places  – places that we earthbound cylons -trapped under an endless sky – can never really get to.

Although Joss Whedon never had a robot in sight on excellent Firefly – The Complete Series, this cylon was mezmerised.  One of the brilliant concepts in the show was the Serenity’s design to resemble a bird – swan or a firefly;

The design that Joss Whedon, Carey Meyer, and Loni Peristere (the visual effects supervisor from Zoic Studios) fleshed out was based on Whedon’s decision that the ship would have the qualities of a bird mixed with those of a firefly. The long neck was one of the bird-like features, while the enlarged abdomen reflected the bug.

Wkipedia; “Serenity”

As a child, fresh out of the grow tank, I  used to make paper airplanes and papercraft spaceships (okay they were more like papercrap) and I even tried my hand at origami cranes.  (I quickly gave up).

Funny thing how much that crane resembles the Serenity.


Click here for  instructions on how to make an Origami Crane



In memorial to the imagination of the child I give you this sweet, breathtaking video from the band Hammock – their official video for the song “Breathturn”. Be sure to check out the last frame – it’s killer.


By your command…


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