Superheroes Fight Mitochondrial Disease – Little Girl Feared By Opponents

A little masked avenger that has been fighting genetic mutants from the cellular level has been making waves in the media and caught the attention of the RedEye Rogue press.


One who calls herself “Super Savannah” has put out the word and declared a one girl war on Mitochondrial Disease.




The diminutive superhero will provide inspiration for the fourth year of  the Energy for Life Walk.  The event is held in honor of Super Savannah and all the children who heroically battle Mitochondrial Disease everyday.

It’s October 12th, in Charlotte’s Freedom Park and it’s going to be a blast!


The Energy for Life Walk is the signature event of the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation. The United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation is the largest, non-governmental funder of research that has the potential to lead us to a cure. Energy for Life Walks are held in cities across the country.


Amber Greenawalt, Savannah’s mom and event organizer feels “blessed” –

“We were really blessed this past year to have an excellent Spirit Night with the Charlotte Checkers that helped us reach our fundraising goal of $5,000…but we’re still pretty far away from our recruitment goal of 200 walkers.”

 Registration is free.

“It doesn’t cost anything to register. As in, it is completely FREE!!! And it only takes a few minutes of your time. Anyone is welcome to participate! Bring the kids, babies, husbands, grandparents, neighbors and friends! You can choose between a 1 mile, 3K or 5K walk route. The walk will also feature entertainment, and refreshments. It’s fun for the whole family!”

For more information visit the website

Mitochondrial disease is a disorder of the mitochondria – the tiny organelles within the cells  that provide energy.  It is progressive and life shortening.  For more information on the disease check out the video


There is no cure for Mitochondrial disease…yet.

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