Star Wars Video – Porkins’ Song

Okay kiddos – here it is, as promised. A touching, tribute to the tragic death of everyone’s favorite portly X-Wing pilot, Jek Porkins (yes he has a first name)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, “Porkins’ Song”

But seriously, who was this guy? I mean, did Lucas take one look at this actor and say to himself; “Well he’s not quite the right fit for Luke or Han, but DAMN, I just gotta find a part for this guy…!”

Aren’t fighter pilots supposed to meet some sort of weight requirements? Then again, they were The Rebels and maybe pickings were slim.

Slim. Get it?

Star Wars Porkins

"He has a name; It's Jek Porkins...He has a name; Its Jek Porkins...He has a name..."

Actually the actor who portrayed Porkins – William Hootkins – died of pancreatic cancer in 2005. One of the amazing things about this character (who only had about ten seconds of screen time) is that there are tens of thousands of entries on the internet dedicated to him.

Heck, Porkins even has his own action figure!

porkins and leia action figures star wars

"watch the hands porko!"

So what was Porkins’ appeal? Was it due to the fact that, as Timothy Inklebarger writing in The Beachwood Reporter asserts, “… Star Wars geeks love [Porkins] because he represents the Everyman: pudgy and under-appreciated, not exactly Jedi material. Hell, Porkins would probably still be living with his mom and playing video games all day if there wasn’t an Empire to fight.”

Or is it simply the fact that “even the smallest kid knows it’s funny to call a fat guy Porkins.” ?

Lay off the Bantha Burgers Buddy!

I was debating with myself over whether or not to include another video, but, frankly I make up the rules here and I couldn’t let a post about The Infamous Porkins go by without including this tidbit from The Family Guy;

Ahh Porkins, may the forks be with you.

By Your Command.

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