Star Trek’s Wesley Crusher on Galaxy Quest

“I loved Galaxy Quest. I thought it was brilliant satire, not only of Trek, but of fandom in general. The only thing I wish they had done was cast me in it, and have me play a freaky fanboy who keeps screaming at the actor who played “the kid” about how awful it was that there was a kid on the spaceship. Alas.” Wil Wheaton

Dorky Wesley Crusher

"Boy, Beave, are you gonna get it!"

Although remembered for playing the much maligned and despised character Wesley Crusher “The Boy Wonder” on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Will Wheaton is actually a pretty damn cool guy.  He seems to have his head screwed on tight and right – unlike so many other former child-stars  (I’m looking at you Dakota Fanning!)  He’s not afraid to make fun of himself, which is apparent in his guest starring role as the dickhead version of himself (“Evil Wil Wheaton”) on television’s The Big Bang Theory.

And the guy is funny.

Don’t believe me? Check out his website.  It’s loaded with witty remembrances and sharp insight into the world of fandom and celebrity. And if you like his website, then be sure to pick up his book Just a Geek.”

“Wil Wheaton…[has] never been one to take the conventional path to success…[Wheaton] left Hollywood in pursuit of happiness, purpose, and a viable means of paying the bills. In the oddest of places, Topeka, Kansas, Wil discovered that despite his claims to fame, he was at heart Just a Geek.” – Amazon

You can purchase it at Amazon (just click on the darn banner and buy something already)!

Oh, and by the way; He was all the Romulan voices in this past summer’s Star Trek film. That’s a fact!

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