Star Trek Into Darkness Soars

Doubtless you’ve read plenty of reviews of the new Star Trek Into Darkness.  There has been plenty good and some bad said about the new JJ Abrams’ flick.

People can say what they want about Abrams’ take on the franchise but to this viewer, he has taken what has become a tired, stale, by-the-numbers- serial, and transformed it into something fresh, exciting, and full of life.

From the fully realized cities of 23rd century Earth, to the far reaches of the Klingon homeworld-Abrams has crafted a universe that is believable and relevant.  This Trek sparkles with creative zeal!

Okay…did I just just say “sparkles”?

Maybe it’s the lens flare talking – which I, in fact, happen to love. It gives everything a very ‘filmic’ ‘look. But then again, perhaps that gives my age away.

And speaking of the Klingons – holy shit – never thought I’d say it, but the Klingons are actually cool again.



Antonio Toscano created this absolutely effing brilliant parody of the Into Darkness trailer – all with Legos. It really has to be seen to be believed.

Watch the original trailer first then watch Toscano’s creation and be blown away.




Trust Us. You want to see this in 3D

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