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Perhaps I am being overly sentimental here.  As  you know, the editors at RedEyeRogue have been avid supporters of the recently cancelled show Caprica. Upon watching the final five episodes this past week we feel it is time to lay the show to rest, give it a proper burial and move on.  The show was tied up beautifully and mysteriously and better than we could have hoped for considering that it was rudely yanked from our grasp before it had time to breathe.

As a small child, what drew me to science fiction were the space ships, the technology, the spectacle of machines carrying men through adventures in space and beyond.

Caprica had none of that, and yet it was gearing up to become one of the best science fiction shows there ever was.  As an adult, the small boy in me loved that.

Ron Moore knows how to reach both in me. That’s why DeepSpace 9 was so superior to Next Generation, (for the most part).

Oh well. Here’s to you Ronnie – baby.

Now when are you gonna give us that Space:1999 remake? Seriously.

maya space 1999

As a final tribute to the show – a salute as we lay her to rest – I thought I would feature this nicely put together, short, fan video made by Trekscaper and posted over at Youtube. And before you runaway fleeing from yet another ‘fanfilm’, let me reassure you, it’s one of the better ones.

(It takes a few seconds for the video to load so give it a moment).

By your command…

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