SONY Killzone Shadow Commercial Tries Too Hard

Sony has been putting together some interesting, clever tv spots for their PS4 console.  Recently they’ve come up with a spot for the game Killzone Shadow Fall.

And we have to admit we are disappointed.


Uninspired photography on poorly done green screen sets. Makes me shake my head in sadness. Certainly doesn’t make me want to run out and buy the game.

It screams all the things that say NERDY SCIENCE FICTION STUFF HERE.

I’m not saying it’s horrible. It’s just, lacking.

To see what can truly be done with the genre however, look at this absolutely stunning, magnificent spot for HALO: ODST

Simply put, one aspires to art, the other is sci-fi kitsch. One tells a relatable, almost timeless story. The other is a meaningless jumble of science fiction cliches and confusing, seemingly out of context “dramatic” moments.

Come on SONY. You can do better.

Then again, maybe they can’t.

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