Send RedEye Rogue to Galacticon 3!

Well as it so happens Galacticon III is just around the corner, and kiddos, this is looking to be The Big One! What is Galacticon you ask? Why only the biggest celebration of Battlestar Galactica there is. In May, thousands of Galactica fans from around the world will converge in Houston, Texas to raise a toast and celebrate the 10th (yes, you read that right – the TENTH) anniversary of Battlestar Galactica 2003, and the 35th Anniversary of Battlestar Galactica Classic. Everybody who is somebody in the Battlestar universe is going to be there. Stars from the show, writers, producers, mouth breathing fanboys, and bloggers (often one and the same) will be there.

Adama is going to be there. The original starbuck and apollo are going to be there.

A real full scale Cylon Raider is going to be there.

But not RedEye Rogue.

The economy has hit our little magazine hard this year, and sadly ol’ Cy just can’t afford to make the trip…

Send Redeye Rogue Galacticon


You, our loyal readers and fans make a difference! You can see to it that even the Put-out-to-pasture Cylon Centurions have a voice at the biggest Battlestar Galactica Event of the past 35 years…

All by making a teensie weensie tiny donation to RedEye Rogue.

Help get Cy “RedEye Rogue” Cyborg to Houston to reunite with his brothers and sisters in the Cylon Empire!

Check out the Galacticon III website to see who’s going to be showing up.

Then I promise when I get back I’ll write nice juicy accounts of what Richard Hatch did with all the complimentary hand soap.





by Your Command…

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