Science to Meet Fiction in Florida at SCI – CON in 2014!

Our Imperious Leader, Eugene Haggerty (the guy who built the cylon raider in his backyard) has gone and organized a brand spanking new convention to be held in Tampa FLorida in 2014!

So far guests that have signed on are Richard “Captain Apollo” Hatch, and Jack “Bojay” Stauffer from Battlestar Galactica.

Appearing at Sci Con

His thumbs are to be feared



Haggerty wants to make this convention different. Haggerty’s aim is to create a con that is a celebration of both science and science fiction.

“Sci-Con Tampa will be a fan run convention. After years of going to cons we decided that we needed a yearly con that was multi-genre and friendly to the fan clubs… Sci-Con Tampa combines the best of both worlds with science fact and science fiction.”


Hatch will be on hand to take on any challengers to his thumb wrestling title.


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