Ridley Scott working on New Alien Prequel

Ahhh… finally, the guy who started it all is back on the project.  The way the franchise slid into the abyss of self parody lately was just sad. I mean who the hell were those two ass-clowns who directed the last Alien film that came out back in 2007? Some dick-wads whose only previous experience was a few lame music videos and a Pepsi commercial. That’s who the geniuses at 20th Century Fox handed over one of the most prestigious studio franchises of the last 75 years to. Smart thinking you dopes. 

In the words of Tommy Gavin – one of my heroes – “UN. BE. LIEVABLE!!”

Well now the Alien saga is back in its rightful owner’s hands – Ridley Scott.  Thank god.  Word around the fleet is that a new Alien film will be bursting (ha! get it? BURSTING…never mind) our way sometime in 2011.  Couldn’t come soon enough if you ask me. Gotta do something to wipe out the awful taste that the last five or six films put in my mouth.  And yes, for the record, James Cameron’s Aliens sucked.  Sure, it wasn’t a bad film on it’s own, but it is nowhere near the epic (that word again) artistic achievement that the first film was. Everything that came after Alien, excluding maybe Alien3 (oh the heresy) was, in my opinion, populist trash.

"I had a dream about being smothered by crappy sequels,"

Oh frak, I’m using words like “populist”. Time for another six-pack Mr Trotsky.

Oh, and the scuttlebutt is that they’ve found a new star to play the titular (hee hee I said TITular) role of the Alien itself:

yeah, but can she act?

By your command…

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