Blazing Up on Battlestar Caprica

What’s the deal indeed with all the stoners in the Galactica universe? It’s bad enough having all the mutineering alcholic executive officers around and then the admiral blazing up with the president, but now we have radical terrorist teenagers getting high! Why the fascination with illicit plant smoking?

“Cylons are waaay cool, man”

As the poster Rear Admiral Marrillion, over at TrekBBS puts it;

What’s the deal with all the smoking?

Ok.. I realize I’ll get nailed for this, but I just have to wonder what the frak is up with all the smoking in the show.In BSG, I could kinda understand it.. Smoking and the military has always kinda gone hand in hand..But I HATE it when tv shows have to resort to having characters smoke to convey angst or when they are trouble in general (or was I just redundant?).

ER used to be really bad about this.. All of a sudden, characters who had never smoked before on the show, have a bad day and out come the cigarettes..

Smoking, both legal and illegal, substances has been a part of Battlestar Galactica (and human beings) for years. Just ask Bill and Laura enjoying their toke on New Caprica.

Or Starbuck…
Either of ’em…

“Angst? What angst?”

Well it was a show about the fall of humanity after all.

By your command…

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