Ridley Scott working on New Alien Prequel

Ahhh… finally, the guy who started it all is back on the project.  The way the franchise slid into the abyss of self parody lately was just sad. I mean who the hell were those two ass-clowns who directed the last Alien film that came out back in 2007? Some dick-wads whose only previous experience was a few lame music videos and a Pepsi commercial. That’s who the geniuses at 20th Century Fox handed over one of the most prestigious studio franchises of the last 75 years to. Smart thinking you dopes.  Contine reading

Angry Alien and The Twilight Bunnies Video

Three cheers to Angry Alien Productions, the brain-child of Jennifer Shiman. The forty- year old artist has been creating hilarious and spot-on parodies of popular films and blockbusters such as The Shining, Goodfellas, Alien, King Kong, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and No Country For Old Men. Somehow, she manages to pack the essence of each movie into a span of only thirty-seconds! Contine reading