Nerd Rage over Quicksilver

They’ve recently shown pictures of Quicksilver in the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past movie, and fanboys are frothing over how lame he looks.

I cannot help but agree with them.

I accepted a long time ago that the X-Men, in their original movie, looked like a biker gang, because this was the first team super hero movie ever made, during a time when Blade was so popular that studio executives felt that all super heroes should wear black leather. I guess that kind of cowardice was understandable.
I get it, spandex is lame. But, what they’ve got him wearing now is not only equally lame, but worse.

Hollywood costume desginers are supposed to make ‘better’ costumes than the ones you see in super hero comics, because they know how clothing is supposed to look on a real human body- but they fell on their faces here. It’s ridiculous when the comic book drawings look better than the movie costume. About the only thing I like are the goggles, because that seems functional to me for a character with super speed. And, he has a utility belt? This isn’t Batman, he’s a speedster, why have a utility belt when a wallet will do for most of us guys?

And, he’s wearing silver because, well, you know, his name is Quicksilver, and, since the costume designer probably never read a comic, that must be the right color, right?

This seems especially silly when you consider that the only reason 20th Century Fox put Quicksilver in the movie was to seemingly mess with Joss Whedon. Right after  Whedon announced that Quicksilver would appear in the second Avengers movie, Singer decided to put the superhero in his movie when he was already halfway through production.
I cannot help but feel that this will only hurt 20th Century Fox, because anything Whedon does with Quicksilver will be an improvement. The one reason Avengers became the most successful super hero movie ever is that the heroes actually looked like they did in the comics.  So, have fun, Joss, making it obvious to Fox Studios how a real superhero movie is made.


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  1. doctoraquaman
    March 19, 2014 at 11:52 AM

    Just one day after this gets published, this comes out.

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