Monsters Trailer and a Happy Halloween From RedEyeRogue!

The film Monsters has been described as a sort of science fiction Lost In Translation – more on the spectrum leaning towards John Hilcoat’s The Road or Aronofsky’s The Fountain (yeah, rather “artsy” and “personal”) rather than Independence Day, or Transformers, and judging from the trailers it definitely does not look like something Mark Stern would ever dare choose to air on his high quality Sy Fy Channel (I mean, what with the Sharktopuses and Wrestling and all).

Movie critic Kofi Outlaw over at Screen has given the film a very favorable review (4/5 stars) stating;

“Those who go into writer/director Gareth Edwards’ feature-film debut Monsters expecting to see the next Cloverfield are going to be sorely disappointed. This is not the monster mayhem B-movie homage you may have seen it advertised as. What you should expect from this unique, moving and beautiful film is an experience that I can best describe as Sofia Coppola’s Lost In Translation meets Steven Spielberg’s remake of War of Worlds. And, as strange as that combination may sound, it absolutely works for this film…

Gareth Edwards has constructed a film that achieves coherence and emotional resonance against all odds.

Unfortunately the film was only given a limited release this past Friday (can’t let it get in the way of the Saw 3D release now can we Studio Execs), but it is available through Video on Demand right now.

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