Missouri Man Building Battlestar Galactica Raptor – Also collecting two of every animal

Sam Johnson from Missouri, has set out to construct a full – scale studio replica of a Colonial Raptor from Battlestar Galactica.


Apparently, it all started at Dragon Con during a breakfast with members of the “Colonial Fleet” – a Battlestar Galactica fan club.

“Someone pitched the idea of a float and I threw out the idea for a Raptor that we could bring to Cons like the Colonial Cylon Alliance does with Raider one,” Johnson told RedEye Rogue in an exclusive interview.

“And we had the original blueprints for the Raptor that were sold in the prop auction…”

The project has an estimated cost of $1,000, all of it out of pocket for the Bonne Terre college student.


“I’ve been saving up to start this project and we hit our starting level last friday…One trip to Lowes and $300 later we’ve gotten one wing done and the frame for the body started”.

The team believes they can complete the raptor in about a month.

“I hope to bring a smile to all fans of BSG and to take it around the country to conventions and give people the chance to sit in a Raptor and play with all the buttons.”

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