Man Builds Cylon Raider in Backyard. Wife opts to stay with him anyway

As our loyal readers may remember, a few a years ago I confessed to trying to build a full scale colonial viper in my backyard when I was a boy. You can read about it here.

Eugene Haggerty of Clearwater, Florida has set out to build a half scale replica of a Classic Cylon Raider. Mr. Haggerty is a member of the Colonial- Cylon Alliance and a fully three-brained Imperious Leader.

Haggerty has been tasked with the nearly impossible project of building a half-scale Cylon Raider for Galacticon 3.

“It’s going to be the centerpiece for Galacticon 3” said Haggerty in an exclusive interview for RedEye Rogue. The raider is flying to DragonCon, Shoreleave, Hurricane Who, and Away mission, as well as going to New Orleans for the Backus parade.

“We couldn’t get the blueprints so we used a small scale model to work from.”

Scratch Built Cylon Raider

The project was started in September of ’12, when the Colonial-Cylon Alliance board decided to move forward with the raider. Construction began on October 10th.

“Since then we have been assembling and building and have at least another 150 hours of time.”

This baby is going to be driveable too!

The raider has hydraulic steering, power brakes, auto transmission and a 4 cylinder diesel engine.

“The base chassis is a 1978 Cochran Airport Systems model 660 belt loader that was originally an e350 Ford chassis. These are used on the airports to load baggage into the aircraft.”


haggerty raider

Haggerty’s team spent $1,100 purchasing the unit and $800.00 in freight getting it to Florida from New Orleans La. He says they have sunk nearly ten thousand dollars into the project. Among other expenses they will still need to purchase steel to complete the superstructure.

“I would expect the total to run up past 20k by the time we are done.” said Haggerty.

At this point he says the team could use some help with the construction as they are about 1/3 of the way to completion and need to be done in time for Galacticon 3 in May.

And Haggerty is accepting donations;

“All donations above $20.00 will have their name engraved on the standing plaque that will be with the unit on display. Donations between $20 and $100 will, in addition, receive an autographed picture of the raider mailed to them, and emailed if requested. Donations from $100 and up will receive, in addition to the picture, a tee shirt and their name engraved on the plaque inside the unit, as well as on the standing plaque. Any donation above $500.00 we gain them an opportunity to drive and operate the unit at one of the conventions.”

You can learn more about the project and how to donate time or money at

What would motivate a successful Florida businessman to embark on such a project?

“There are a couple of reasons we decided to go forward with the project. First of all for the fans of BSG and for the members of our group as well as the other BSG groups. We also realized that we may be able to acquire donations for our charities by selling pictures of fans in the raider.”


By Your Command, Imperious Leader.