Luke Skywalker: Worst Scout Ever

OneMinuteGalactica has been spinning gold out of found footage over at youtube.  Regular readers of RedEyeRogue know him as the demented mind behind “Apollo Launches His Viper“,“Star Wars: Longest Crash Ever” and the timeless classic “Athena is Gassy”.  His videos, although sometimes a bit too long, are more often hilarious and spot on.  Check out his YouTube Channel.

He’s also who the editors of RedEyeRogue go to when we can’t come up with a decent article.

“Load up another video, boys!!!”

cylon in a business suit


by your command,

2 thoughts on “Luke Skywalker: Worst Scout Ever

  1. I helped with the Gary the Cylon episodes 22-24, and well in most part I was the producer. I supplied the video footage of past episodes, and the new footage. It has been a fun time gathering together this stuff to put it together. You can also find me on YouTube at

  2. So now we know another responsible party! GIT HIM BOYS!!!!!

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