Live Action Star Blazers Movie Trailer

I’m almost embarrassed to say it, but when I saw this, my titanium plated armor got some serious goosebumps.  I used to watch the Star Blazers cartoon as a little boy.  I’d rush home after school to make it in time to catch the 3:30pm broadcast (on UHF) every Monday through Friday.  I even audio taped the episodes (this was before the days of the vcr) and would listen to those tapes all weekend long.

Yes, I memorized the theme song.  DORK!

I was able to convince my art teacher to give me this massive giant sheet of drawing paper. It was huge – like, wall-sized huge – upon which I drew a gigantic picture of the Yamato and hung it on my bedroom wall.  Unfortunately my first wife made me take it down.

I remember though, that even as a child, the storylines seemed to be more ‘grown-up’ – more subtle – than most kids shows of the time.  This was in the days before Akira,  and Anime had yet to catch on with ‘mainstream’ audiences in the United States.  These days, I wonder just how much Star Blazers was responsible for turning American audiences on to the world of Anime.

As any self respecting dork knows, Star Blazers was actually a re-cut, re dubbed – some might say bastardization – of what was actually an adult animation from Japan called “Spaceship Battlecruiser Yamato”.  The US version dumbed the plots down a bit, and rechristened the starship  “Yamato” to “The Argo” (WWII was still a tad too fresh in the minds of Americans, I guess).

Funny thing is, that cartoon prompted this ten year old to seek out information on the real Yamato, and as a result I wound up learning quite a bit about the Japanese navy of WWII.

“Space Battleship Yamato” will be released in Japan in December, 2010.

Damn! That gives me only five months to learn Japanese!

Meanwhile check out this super awesome trailer.  The subtitles are freaking amazing.  Remember to “believe in beliefs” and that “this sf entertainment is the first trying for Japanese”


Lords of Kobol, hear my prayer; Please don’t let it suck too hard!

By Your Command…

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