It’s Turkey Day! Too bad Revolution’s Not on The Table

Revolution has fallen out of favor with this cylon.  It is overly glossy, childish, and does not ring true. The production values are very “stock tv”.  I feel like I am watching family entertainment.  And perhaps that is what the producers were going for.  Compare this network fare to AMC’s superlative Walking Dead, which features intensely complex characters, cinematic production values and plots that resolve themselves in ways that seem consistent with the world that the writers have created.  That and production values so strong that I can practically smell the world of the walking dead.

I simply don’t believe in the world of Revolution.   Billy Burke’s wise cracking sarcastic ‘anti hero’ doesn’t work in the setting that the producers have tried to create.  Revolution doesn’t work as an adult drama.  Not coming in the wake of such genre master pieces as Battlestar and Walking Dead.   If I had to classify Revolution I would call it an action show for youth.

Matthew Gilbert writing at put it well;

“Revolution” is more of a formulaic, impersonal construction. It isn’t an organic creation, so much as forced genetic manipulation of sci-fi characteristics. There’s no thrilling sense afoot that, as viewers, we have no clear sense of where all this might be heading. I feel as if I’ve already seen the first season of the show — the conspiracy, the flashbacks, the shockers — even though I’ve seen only one episode.


Now all that being said, it’s Thanksgiving, So here’s some freaky turkey for ya’all;


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