Washington Post Declares War on Robots: Crowns Zombie’s Kings-

In a stunning blow to the Robot movement Monday The Washington Post declared war on Robots, crowning Zombies the Kings of the Land of Television and going so far as to suggest that AMC’s new show The Walking Dead may be the next Lost.

Jen Chaney and Liz Kelly, writing in The Post’s Celebritology 2.0 column gushed for the show which had its Halloween premier last night;

“In AMC’s The Walking Dead, have we found our next Lost? Forget vampires. In the land of TV, zombies are king. Dessicated, stinky kings — but kings nonetheless.”

And Ernie Estrella, writing for TV.Com had this to say about show;

” The Walking Dead is everything one could imagine and will be the show people are talking about through the fall and long after. The gore is luscious, blood-spattered, and violent. The psychological probe of what these characters experienced, is terrifying, intense and exhilarating. Most importantly the struggle and the improbable chances at survival is what will keep viewers coming back, and demanding much-much more.

“it is presented in a glorious fashion.”

and Maureen Ryan of TV Squad wrote in a mostly favorable review;

“[It’s] about as aesthetically well-crafted as a TV show can be.”

I guess this was only to be expected from the same network that gave us Mad Men and Breaking Bad.

The robots contigency did not take the disturbing news lightly. Cylon Spokesman Patrick Macnee vowed that this would not stand, yelling “We will crush you!” while pounding his shoe against a table, and

Cylon Anti Defamation League President Aaron Doral called the statement “ridiculous and “unfounded.”  Spiritual Leader Leobyn Connoy offered his “prayers to the souls of the undead”.

By your command…

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  1. Brother C.
    November 1, 2010 at 3:39 PM

    perhaps my Mothers and Fathers were wise to drape this flesh around this great brain of mine…time will reveal all, Brothers and Sisters!

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