Independence Day Sequel Looks Ridiculously Awesome

For some time there was talk of an Independence Day sequel.  ID4 was a peculiar film, and although subversive in ways (have you heard the one about the Jew, the Black Guy, and the Apple computer that save the world?) it was essentially a comedy. But then, that was still in the period where Hollywood seemed afraid to take science fiction seriously and always felt it necessary to throw in a frakload of camp, or graphic violence – (thank god we are out of that era – eh Syfy?). Now we’re in the era of Peter Jackson, JJ Abrams, Ron Moore, Danny Boyle and Darren Aronofsky and so the genre has entered a new era. Well it seems that we are finally getting a sequel to ID4 – The Farrelly Brothers ‘ Skyline.  Check out the Skyline trailer below:

>Ben Stiller looks AWESOME in this, and Will Smith hasn’t looked this good since he was on Scrubs!


Is that Will Smith on the left?

By Your Command…

2 thoughts on “Independence Day Sequel Looks Ridiculously Awesome

  1. Let me tell you Skynet’s take. The aliens know something you don’t and they are trying to save you. (you know, like a giant meteor, or something like that) They are trying to relocate the human population to a safe place.

    At the end of the movie you will all sigh in your collective seats, go home and never think of the movie again.

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