I Love It When You Call Me Big Adama (keep snacking) – BSG inspired Rap Album

Somethings are just too awesome to pass up. Nerdcore rapper Adam Warrock, who has already rapped about Firefly, has now put out a seven track EP dedicated to Battlestar Galactica titled Feel Human. Some of it is very funny and some of it is very serious and all of it is brilliant as frak. Check out the featured track “Galactica” right here.


aquire donuts
Highlights are “So Say We All” – a track that both quotes and questions the Pythian prophecies while recounting Kobolian/Colonial history and “The Twelve” which explores what it is to discover that oneself is a cylon.

Er. Nevermind.

Yeah. It’s Nerdcore.

But if you’re into Battlestar Galactica in the slightest and you like good rap it’s pure gold.


Download the EP at his website.


Adam Warrock

Adam Warrock

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