He Did It All for Love

I like to think that in the end the Master Chief did it all for love.

If there ever was to be a Halo film, it would be a mistake not to include a love interest for the chief. All great Hollywood films, at their core, had a love story, and Halo should be no different.
Well most anyway. War movies often don’t. But then you lose half your audience. Tough decisions for the producers to make. No wonder it’s taking so long for them to make the frakkin movie.

In the mean time we have the live action Halo Reach trailers

“The Halo: Reach live action film ‘Deliver Hope’ is a dramatic depiction of the sacrifice paid by Noble Team on the battlefield…sometimes in the face of unfathomable odds, the only way to accomplish a mission is to pay the ultimate price.”
-Halo Waypoint

As Evan Narcisse over at Techland.time.com put it:

“This one…“Deliver Hope” in particular may get a few eyes wet as we see a Spartan fall only to have her load picked up by another.

… And there’s nothing like watching things explode with slow, mournful music running in the background.”

Well put.

It’s also one of the few commercials you’ll ever see in your life that has, at it’s heart, the act of self sacrifice for the win.

As with all of the excellent Halo trailers, it establishes character, drives a plot and tells a (surprising) story in its short short running time. It was directed by 49-year old Israeli commercial director Noam Murro, who in 2008 made his feature film debut with the indie dramedy Smart People

Watch “Deliver Hope” below:



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