Greetings from Cy: The Top 5 Things You Won’t Find at RedEye Rogue

Cy “RedEye Rogue” Cyborg

Well here we go again…” you’re probably thinking, “…yet another goofy Battlestar Galactica dork-blog…”

Er, actually, you’re probably right.

They say top-ten lists are all the rage these days in the blagojevich blogosphere so, here are the top twenty top ten

The Top 5 things you won’t find at RedEye Rogue

1. Episode Reviews (oh gods please not another rambling fanboy/critic/hater thesis on episode 88, scene 33)

2. Slavish worship of Tricia Helfer.

3. Epithet slinging bloodbaths over which was better;  The Old Show vs. The New Show (and for the last time; anyone who thinks that Lorne Green was a better Adama than Edward James Olmos is no better than a frakking Nazi)!

4. Cylon on Cylon “slash-fiction” (see #2 above).

5. Nude Pics of Patrick Macnee (you’ll have to go here for that!)

Now, with that being said here are,

The Top 5 Things You will find at Redeye Rogue

1. Advice for those ‘put-out-to-pasture’ Cylons Centurions,  and other red-eye rogues.


3. Epithet slinging bloodbaths over “just what the heck was Starbuck anyway?” (and no, “SLUT” is not the answer we’re looking for here folks).

4. Slavish worship of Patrick Macnee!

5. Nude pics of Cylon Centurions! (WARNING NSFW -must be over 18 and accompanied by an adult or legal guardian)

So let’s roll up the sleeves on our cos-play costumes, pour a glass of ambrosia, fire up a stogie, and let the good times roll!

By your command,

Cy “RedEye Rogue” Cyborg

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