George Romero Living with Walking Dead –



I recently read a comment George Romero made about why he would never write or direct an episode of Walking Dead. His words were: “Basically, it’s just a soap opera with a zombie occasionally. I always used a zombie as a character for satire or a political criticism…”
Now, I should state that he is pretty much talking about all zombie movies now and how he does not feel he has a place in these new zombie films, and I can understand that.
But, I feel his criticism is a bit unfair. And, I am not saying this with any kind of anger towards George Romero. The fact is, I like George Romero and what he did with the Living Dead series, but I like Walking Dead as well, and seeing one talking against the other is kind of like watching your parents argue. My opinion is that, yes, he did do zombies as political criticism, but I consider Walking Dead to be a sociological study. It’s a story about how people are effected by incredible struggles and how it changes them and how those changes make it that they can continue to survive. Does this cause it to turn into soap opera sometimes? Sure, but, why has the word soap opera become a dirty word? All it means is that it is a continuing story, and, really, doesn’t that describe every television show out there?


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