Galacticon 4 Announced For 2015 So Say We All Gods Dammit!

It’s official my fellow centurions! Cheryl Dubuque, Event Organizer for Galacticon has announced that she is hard at work on Galacticon 4! Says Dubuque,

“The fact it’s being planned is not secret – but we haven’t signed any contracts yet – so exacts can’t be given – still scouting locations, convention halls and such – but we are pretty close to having something solid. The details are under wraps for now until we have agreements in place – but the fact that we are planning one for 2015 – that part is not secret… it’s been announced several times already…”

It’s great news to hear that we won’t have to wait five years for another Galacticon.

I think I’ll be out of detox by then.



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