Dr. Who Season Finale a Winner!

Well I just watched the 2 – part season finale of Dr. Who The Big Bang and what can I say? I am simply floored.  The weaving of all of the events of this season, as well as the past 40-something years of the entire franchise into one TRULY epic conclusion was, well, frankly, orgasmic.

But one of the things that struck me, was how human it was. How sentimental and emotional.  This Doctor really wears its heart on its sleeve.

Can you imagine Killing Your lover against your will?

I know you’ve probably read plenty of reviews of the episode as well as have engaged in your epithat slinging message board fights regarding the meaning and execution of the finale,so you won’t get another review here (see the RedEyeRogue manifesto).

Yeah, the episode had its flaws, but in the grand scheme of things, who the frak cares? It was wonderful, it was emotional, it was exciting and it was some of the finest, most ambitious television I’ve seen in years.

I really dug the references to TommyKnockers and The Princess Bride.

And the wonderful reference to that old wedding poem;

“Something old, something new. Something borrowed, something blue…

A fan on a message board really summed it up better than I could:

Comic Culture Warrior

June 27, 2010 at 12:53 am

“…[This] episode was nothing less than fan-fucking-tastic. So MANY great moments. It tied up Series 5 very nicely while still leaving a few (Big) questions unanswered… also had a little bit of everything – comedy, heartbreaking drama, truly romantic moments, great action, sci-fi technobable, geek out moments, Daleks and fezes…well, only one fez really…but what a great fez it was. It will be missed.”

Bravo Dr. Who! You made something truly wonderous and beautiful.  I can’t wait for next season!

Now all that being said, the Family Guy folks put together a spot-on parody of this season’s Dr Who.  It even includes the awesome choral music from the show, and well frankly, if you got into this season as much as I did, you’ll love this dead-eye parody.

 By Your Command

UPDATE: Apologies to my faithful readers, but it appears that the brilliant video made by Karstens Creations, and Manservantpablo Productions (and NOT by FOX as previously reported) has been removed from youtube. Rest assured that the editors of RedEye Rogue have our interns hard at work scouring the web to find the lost video.



It appears as though there may be new life for Dr Stew after all. Click here for more.

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  1. Insideman
    August 1, 2010 at 2:12 AM

    Red Eye Rogue- That “fan” was CCW*TV co-founder, consummate culture critic and masterful Blog Overseer Jose Melendez who– through his weekly postings– helped people understand the MAGNITUDE of Doctor Who Season 5 and the deliriously wonderful contributions of new show runner Stephen Moffat.

    Check out the CCW*TV Blog at the link above or the weekly videos Jose and CCW*TV co-founder Elliott Serrano tape on their dedicated You Tube channel: http://www.youtube.com/comicculturewarrior

  2. RedEyeRogue
    August 26, 2010 at 2:56 PM

    By Your Command…

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