Donuts on Mars!

For years, there has been controversy as to why we are going into space.
Some argue that we could create satellites with solar panels which could send us free energy. But, for one, as Nikola Tesla found centuries ago, no one cares about free energy unless some large corporation can make money off it. Hell, we haven’t even perfected how to make solar energy viable, so sticking a satellite up there in the hopes that someone will figure it out seems a bit silly.
Others argue that we should start colonizing space. This sounds all well and good, but we have yet to find a planet that can support life. There are those that argue that we will just terraform planets, lickety split. The problem with that is we don’t have the ability to terraform planets.  If  we did, we would maybe use that tech to fix parts of our own world that have become so damaged.
Still others argue that we should seek out other life forms. Again, a noble idea, but, as yet, we have found no physical proof of other lifeforms out there. True, people talk about seeing UFOs, being anally probed, while our government secretly does autopsies on aliens, but those same people often also wear tin foil hats to prevent evil transmissions from entering their brains.

We somehow assume that aliens will be just like us, just with pointy ears or green skin.

But  recently, the Mars rover took some photos which may change everything. Scientists looked at the photos of the surface of the planet 12 days apart, that reveal a donut has appeared. Yes, it seems donuts spontaneously appear on other planets! So now, I expect a surge of people to try out for the astronaut training programs just to get to that jelly-filled creamy deliciousness.


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