Colonial Viper Paper Airplane!

Viper MkI paper airplane

One of my favorite pastimes as a child was building paper airplanes.  I remember ordering a book back when i was six or seven that was jam packed with all sorts of cool paper-airplane designs and blueprints.  I seem to recall that as about the time that I began to take an interest in airplanes in a big way.  I even built one of those balsa wood fly-by-wire airplane kits.  It wound up looking more like a poodle dipped in neon blue and never got off the ground- but whatever.

Well it’s summer time, and summer is a great time to picnic at parks and beaches, and to have some paper airplane dogfights.

Here is a little viper project you can do by yourself at home.  All you need is a printer, and some decent quality paper.

Click on the picture to get the full size version; print it out; cut along the dotted lines and then put it together. Voila! Your very own Viper Mark I to fly into the wild blue yonder!

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