Chicken from Hell

No, this is not about genetic experiments gone wrong in the KFC labs.This is a new dinosaur paleontologists have found and it’s actually called Anzu wyliei (Anzu being a bird demon from Mesopotamian mythology and Wyliei the name of the grandson of a museum trustee).

Chicken from Hell is it’s cute cuddly nickname.

It seems to be the closest relative of birds, in that it has a beak and quite possibly feathers. It was 10 feet tall, weighing about 500 lbs., and had sharp claws, making it a fierce fighter, and something that would have not been content at your uncle’s chicken ranch.

This is interesting because it’s yet further evidence, in the already overwhelming mountain of evidence, for evolution.

Now I’m sure this has creationists fuming. Or at least scratching their heads.

I happened to catch the last part of Bill Nye’s debate with Ken Hamm, and the last question was: what could make one believe the others point? Hamm,  the creationist, stated pigheadedly, “Nothing.”

So does this mean that the new Jurassic Park movie will include an Anzu wyliei as an antagonist, or will it get its own movie? I could see it now: Someone from a food franchise (which shall remain nameless) decides to bring the Chicken from Hell back to life under the assumption that it could be a new source for delicious recipes, without considering the possible hellish consequences that could arise. Why, they could even call it ‘Chicken from Hell’ !

Damnit, where are my crayons? I need to get crackin’ on this script!


chicken from hell



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