The F-word on Battlestar Caprica

Last month RedEyeRogue called the Galactica/Caprica epic out on it’s excessive use of illicit plant smoking.  The editors at RedEye decided that if we are going to be on the subject of such things than why backaway from all the cussing on the show?  These are a bunch of potty mouthed people.  Not that my mouth would win any  germ free awards, but these people really slather the ‘F’ word on hot and heavy. And they did it pretty well.

Of course the use of the “F” word goes back to the original “Battlestar Galactica: Saga of a Star World” tv-movie from 1978 just before Rick Springfield’s viper got shot down by cylon raiders. And don’t forget Starbuck had his favorite expletive – the less offensive “felcercarb” (colonial for ‘crap’ or ‘shit’) that he would drop from time.

When I was ten I took to using felcercarb as a swearword and actually got in trouble in math class for muttering it! Who knew Mrs. Hall was a Galactica fan?

We were  fixin’ to put together a short video, cutting together all of the galactica swears when I found someone else had already done it (Pizzicotta at YouTube) – done it well – and that the video was way too long.  This left me with a dilemma;  attempt to make our own video from scratch – a task that would take hours, and days – or do i just throw the video up and give a warning?

We decided to feature the video here at RedEye – it’s long – over 3 minutes – but  you don’t have to watch the whole thing to get a laugh or two (or three or four).

(Nuggets should probably leave the room now)

By your command

Papercraft SpaceCraft

We’re happy to welcome aboard RedEyeRogue’s newest editor/columnist/errand-boy – Galen “The Chief” Tyrol. As you all know, The Chief was once petty officer and head janitor aboard the ill-fated Battlestar Galactica.  This is the first in our “From The Chief’s Workbench” columns – a new regular feature of Take it away Chief…

What is papercraft you ask?  Papercraft is a form of crafting, in which paper is used to create three dimensional objects such as models or sculptures. Bascially you print out a page of “parts” (preferably on some thicker paper) cut them out and fold them, and glue them together to make a 3d paper model of your favourite movie character/spaceship/side-dish or whatever!

Just look at some of these nerdy examples of what can be done with paper:

“When I was a silly youth, I had an unhealthy obsession with  Gerry Anderson’s ‘Space:1999’ “ [more on that show in an upcoming article -ed] and became fixated on the “Eagle” ships.

I pestered and pestered my dear, poor, long – suffering parents to purchase the toy replica, but to no avail.

So I got creative.  I set out to build my own Eagle replica using – construction paper.

My intention was to make something that looked like this:

It, however, wound up looking more like this:

But I digress.

The point is, I kept on trying and soon I was making things that looked – well they still looked more like a blueplate special from Nick Tahoe’s on a Friday night, but still I kept trying.

Well turns out the Chief is pretty good at this papercraft thing and I’ll be sharing my work with you, and even showing you – yes, YOU – how to make your very own stunning 3d papercraft models.

First up this week:

A slab of meat.

The instructions and patterns can be downloaded from here. Just right click on the image and select “save link as…”.

And remember to cut along the dotted lines.

Okay here’s the real instructions. Just click on the model you want, to download the patterns and instructions:

Cylon Raider Instructions

Viper MkII Papercraft

Viper MkII Instructions


Enterprise (film) Instructions

Homer Simpson Instructions

By your command…