Cylon struck by vehicle (Cylons everywhere bond over tragedy)

Director Carl Erik Rinsch was supposed to make his feature film directorial debut with the upcoming Alien prequel, but when Ridley Scott (Rinsch’s father-in-law, believe it or not) announced that he would be taking over the reigns of the project, Rinsch entered Phillips’ short film contest/experiment in which five filmmakers made their own original movie using the same piece of dialogue.

Rinsch’s short film The Gift took the grand prize, and soon after a bidding war took place between several studios (including Warner Bros. and Fox).

The film is just under five minutes in length, but is as compelling as any full length feature.  Watch it and see what a real artist can do with five minutes of film (and a boatload of SFX).

Cylon Viewer Discretion Advised: Cylon’s were injured during the making of this film.

(note the Half Life 2, Aeon Flux, and Hellraiser references as well)

Oh and by the way, it’s in Russian, but don’t let that bother you, there are probably less than five lines of dialogue in the whole thing, and it’s fairly obvious what they’re talking about – the latest edition of RedEye of course!


carl-erik-rinsch-the gift

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