Captain Kirk Calls It Quits – Phase II Celebrates

In an ironic twist, just as Star Trek Phase II is celebrating it’s tenth anniversary, show-runner James Cawley has announced that he is calling it quits on performing the role of Captain Kirk.

What’s Star Trek Phase II you ask?

Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II is an award-winning independent webseries that produces new episodes of Classic Star Trek.

Now before you roll your eyes, believe us when we say, these actually LOOK like the real thing. And the special effects sometimes are out of this world.

The acting however is the product of an amature production.  Still it is great fun. Much more fun than say a certain Rick Berman produced series.

Don’t believe us? Take a look;


Yes, that’s George Takei, reprising his role as Mr Sulu.

Not bad for a production shot out of a former car dealership.

But just as things are peaking for Phase II, Cawley had this to say on his Facebook page.

My days in front of the camera for anything Star Trek are long over… I just don’t have it in me to face the harshness and bashing from Fans anymore. I have lost my passion for it.

Fan Genius James Cawley

Fan Genius James Cawley

To Mr. Cawley, we at Redeye Rogue have only this to say – carry on!  Fandom needs you!  You are now one of the iconic portrayals of Captain Kirk, joining Shatner and Pine.  Don’t you think that those actors have taken their share of abuse and ridicule?  For crying out loud man, grow a pair!  We expected more from someone who dons a Vegas – era Elvis suit and impersonates The King!

Do Not Quit.

Get your ass back in front of the camera and keep giving us the New Voyages Captain Kirk we all know and love.


By Your Command.

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