Caprica’s Fate hangs in the Balance (Sharktopus still on schedule)

Well Sister Clarice, it looks like ‘apotheosis’ may not happen after all. The deadline for the renewal of Caprica is looming, and according to the website Fancast, a source close to SyFy has said that the actor’s contracts have expired.

Not good.

Executive producer David Eick said we’d hear a decision on Season 2 by August 15.  It’s now September.

That “source” claims that SyFy has granted Caprica an extension into November.

Apparently the network suits are waiting to factor in the sales of  the Caprica: Season 1.0 DVD.
Either that, or the network is afraid that having Caprica on the air may not leave them room for their prestige product – Sharktopus.  Perhaps their fears are that Caprica may cut into SyFy’s WWE: Smackdown schedule?

I mean, what are science fiction fans going to do without their wrestling fix?

WWE wrestling smackdown

Cylon Smack Down

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