Buffalo Bills Owner Wilson Considering Pyramid Franchise

From the Chief’s Bench:

After the C-Bucks humiliating 35 to 17  defeat to Olympia Friday night, team insiders have reported that team owner Daniel Graystone met with Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson

to discuss the possibility of Wilson taking over the team. Considering the stellar performance of Wilson’s Bills this past decade one can only wonder what variety of chamalla Danny-Boy has been smoking. Is Graystone Industries really that cash strapped since dumping the holoband licensing so as to need the money from a sinking 10th rate Terran community?  Does Wilson feel that he has finally completed his goal of turning the Bills into the NFL’s laughing stock once and for all, that he now requires new blood to suck?  A new team to violate?  A new city’s pride to turn inside out?

Wilson’s knowledge of the game of Pyramid was in fact called into question by this statement at a recent press conference Saturday, while commenting on the Buccaneers loss:

All this team needs, is a good Quarterback – that and a team owner with some experience behind him,”


Hey Ralph, part with a few dollars and buy yourself a clue: THIS IS PYRAMID!!

“This team needs a Quarterback!”

Oh holy felcargarb, May the Gods have mercy on us all.

“You’re Senile”

1 comment for “Buffalo Bills Owner Wilson Considering Pyramid Franchise

  1. Nick
    October 26, 2010 at 9:09 AM

    Is it true that Mr. Ford, Detroit Lions owner is steamed that Greystone did not contact him rather than Ralph Wilson?

    I think there might be some truth to it; after all, the Lions haven’t won any sort of championship since winning their conference in 1957. Their last playoff appearance was back in 2002. Super Bowl–nary a sniff.

    The latest rumor has it that Mr. Ford is trying to get the Lions into the Outwood, Kentucky Pop Warner League.

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