Battlestar Galactica “Motivational Posters” Sexy Cylons and Rolling the Hard Six

It’s not always easy to stay motivated at work. Here at we know that sometimes life just has a way of getting an old centurion down, leaving one to feel like nothing more than an obsolete, worn-out machine.  It’s easy to feel like the only silver centurion in a roomful of ‘goldies’.  When times get tough though, it’s good to have a little inspiration around the office to keep spirits up, and the chrome shiny.

Lucifer posted these around the Basestar to motivate the troops to stay on task:

Cyrus Centurion in his younger days.

What’s a ‘borg’?

yeah but try getting service when you’re outside the range of a Resurrection Ship!

Ever wonder what became of all those Gold centurions?

So say we all, brother…so say we all.

By Your Command,


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