Angry Alien and The Twilight Bunnies Video

Three cheers to Angry Alien Productions, the brain-child of Jennifer Shiman. The forty- year old artist has been creating hilarious and spot-on parodies of popular films and blockbusters such as The Shining, Goodfellas, Alien, King Kong, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and No Country For Old Men. Somehow, she manages to pack the essence of each movie into a span of only thirty-seconds!

Check out her Twilight parody:

…and then there’s Shiman’s take on Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan:

…and even though it has nothing to do with sci-fi, I just HAD to include her spin on Top Gun:

Shiman and her Angry Alien Productions have been commissioned by Starz Entertainment to produce more bunnies parodies! Congratulations Jennifer, you’re doin’ us nerds proud!

Twilight Bunnies Parody

"Your Fur is so sparkly!"

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Jennifer Shiman Bunny

Jennifer Shiman

By your command.

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