A Head Poking Song for Walking Dead


So, I was watching an episode of the Walking Dead with my friend, Kenny. Specifically, the scene where a bunch of people in the prison were in front of the chain link fence where the zombies tended to mill around, and had the tedious task of sticking metal spikes through the zombie’s head, one after the other after the other.
I said, “You know, if I had that job, I would create myself a song to sing while doing it, maybe a gospel spiritual or a work chant.”
Kenny’s eyes widened and his body shook like it was possessed by a demonic force, and he uttered what I have written down below.


Forehead Eyeballs
Pick a little nose
Into the skull
The machete goes
That’s how to kill a zombie
As everybody knows
Sometimes a little death
Can keep you on your toes.

Killing Killing
Zombies Zombies
Killing Killing
Zombies Zombies
Killing Killing
Zombies Zombies

Snare trap Bear trap
Spikes down in a pit
Cover it with camouflage
So Zombies don’t see it
See them fall into the trap
then have themselves a fit
Now’s the time to fill the hole
And cover them with shit.


Axe Saw
Swiss Army Knife
Kill all the zombies
Before they take your life
Look out behind you
One’s trying to eat your wife
These crazy little zombies
Are always causing strife.


Tick in the mashed potatoes
Roaches in the floor
The clock strikes midnight
As death knocks on your door
It’s time to kill more zombies
Don’t want to kill no more
At least if you have to kill
That’s what zombies are for


2 comments for “A Head Poking Song for Walking Dead

  1. doctoraquaman
    November 22, 2013 at 8:58 AM

    Just wanted to point out: the work chant was written by Ken Kowal.

  2. Skynet
    December 20, 2013 at 11:32 AM

    At the end of this video is a great song that I think would work wonderfully for killing zombies.


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