Independence Day Sequel Looks Ridiculously Awesome

For some time there was talk of an Independence Day sequel.  ID4 was a peculiar film, and although subversive in ways (have you heard the one about the Jew, the Black Guy, and the Apple computer that save the world?) it was essentially a comedy. But then, that was still in the period where Hollywood seemed afraid to take science fiction seriously and always felt it necessary to throw in a frakload of camp, or graphic violence – (thank god we are out of that era – eh Syfy?). Now we’re in the era of Peter Jackson, JJ Abrams, Ron Moore, Danny Boyle and Darren Aronofsky and so the genre has entered a new era. Well it seems that we are finally getting a sequel to ID4 – The Farrelly Brothers ‘ Skyline.  Check out the Skyline trailer below:

>Ben Stiller looks AWESOME in this, and Will Smith hasn’t looked this good since he was on Scrubs!


Is that Will Smith on the left?

By Your Command…

Papercraft SpaceCraft

We’re happy to welcome aboard RedEyeRogue’s newest editor/columnist/errand-boy – Galen “The Chief” Tyrol. As you all know, The Chief was once petty officer and head janitor aboard the ill-fated Battlestar Galactica.  This is the first in our “From The Chief’s Workbench” columns – a new regular feature of Take it away Chief…

What is papercraft you ask?  Papercraft is a form of crafting, in which paper is used to create three dimensional objects such as models or sculptures. Bascially you print out a page of “parts” (preferably on some thicker paper) cut them out and fold them, and glue them together to make a 3d paper model of your favourite movie character/spaceship/side-dish or whatever!

Just look at some of these nerdy examples of what can be done with paper:

“When I was a silly youth, I had an unhealthy obsession with  Gerry Anderson’s ‘Space:1999’ “ [more on that show in an upcoming article -ed] and became fixated on the “Eagle” ships.

I pestered and pestered my dear, poor, long – suffering parents to purchase the toy replica, but to no avail.

So I got creative.  I set out to build my own Eagle replica using – construction paper.

My intention was to make something that looked like this:

It, however, wound up looking more like this:

But I digress.

The point is, I kept on trying and soon I was making things that looked – well they still looked more like a blueplate special from Nick Tahoe’s on a Friday night, but still I kept trying.

Well turns out the Chief is pretty good at this papercraft thing and I’ll be sharing my work with you, and even showing you – yes, YOU – how to make your very own stunning 3d papercraft models.

First up this week:

A slab of meat.

The instructions and patterns can be downloaded from here. Just right click on the image and select “save link as…”.

And remember to cut along the dotted lines.

Okay here’s the real instructions. Just click on the model you want, to download the patterns and instructions:

Cylon Raider Instructions

Viper MkII Papercraft

Viper MkII Instructions


Enterprise (film) Instructions

Homer Simpson Instructions

By your command…

Cylon struck by vehicle (Cylons everywhere bond over tragedy)

Director Carl Erik Rinsch was supposed to make his feature film directorial debut with the upcoming Alien prequel, but when Ridley Scott (Rinsch’s father-in-law, believe it or not) announced that he would be taking over the reigns of the project, Rinsch entered Phillips’ short film contest/experiment in which five filmmakers made their own original movie using the same piece of dialogue.

Rinsch’s short film The Gift took the grand prize, and soon after a bidding war took place between several studios (including Warner Bros. and Fox).

The film is just under five minutes in length, but is as compelling as any full length feature.  Watch it and see what a real artist can do with five minutes of film (and a boatload of SFX).

Cylon Viewer Discretion Advised: Cylon’s were injured during the making of this film.

(note the Half Life 2, Aeon Flux, and Hellraiser references as well)

Oh and by the way, it’s in Russian, but don’t let that bother you, there are probably less than five lines of dialogue in the whole thing, and it’s fairly obvious what they’re talking about – the latest edition of RedEye of course!


carl-erik-rinsch-the gift

by your command,


Ridley Scott talks with H.R. Giger (Scott plagued by nightmares for days afterward)

Things just keep looking brighter and brighter for the Alien franchise and it’s upcoming prequel. As mentioned in a previous  RedEye Rogue article Ridley Scott is back on board.  Not only is he planning on going back and exploring the origins of the “Space Jockey” and bringing on a new lead female character but he’s purportedly in talks with H.R. Giger – Contine reading